Our spinouts


PsiOxus Therapeutics is an Oxford-based immuno-oncology company which has developed a patented platform for the systemic delivery of tumour-targeted oncolytic immune therapeutics.

The company was founded in 2010 in its present form, having been created by the merger of Imperial College London spin-out Myotec Therapeutics with Oxford spin-out Hybrid BioSystems.

PsiOxus’ Tumour-Specific Immuno-Gene (T-SIGn) therapy platform is based on the company’s oncolytic virus, enadenotucirev, which has unique properties that allow it to be delivered systemically via intravenous administration and to replicate only in tumour cells. The virus’s anti-cancer capability can be further enhanced through ‘arming’ – a process that involves the addition of new genes to the virus. The armed T-SIGn platform makes possible creation of a broad range of systemically delivered oncolytic immune therapeutics, including oncolytic viruses that express one or more antibodies, cytokines, immunomodulatory proteins, and nucleotide (RNA)-based payloads.

The T-SIGn platform is in pre-clinical stage, while Phase I/II clinical trials are ongoing with enadenotucirev in a variety of tumour types and as a combination therapy with both checkpoint inhibitors and conventional chemotherapeutics.