Our spinouts


Metabometrix is a spin-out company founded in 2000 on the skills and expertise of the world-leading metabonomics research team at Imperial College London.

The whole field of metabonomics has been developed over 25 years by a ground-breaking group of scientists led by Professor Jeremy Nicholson, the Chief Scientist of Metabometrix, and the other founders. A whole range of unique analytical and data processing developments have been achieved, and these, together with an unparalleled set of application areas, underpin a continuing substantial lead in the field.

Metabonomics characterises the key biochemical changes caused by a range of interventions and conditions, such as drug toxicity in animals and man, the diagnosis and course of clinical disease, the effects of therapeutic intervention and the impact of nutrition and life-style changes. The approach has the potential to impact strongly on drug discovery and development from lead molecule selection to marketing of clinically successful drugs. Metabometrix has successfully completed projects across this wide range of biomedical applications for both industrial and academic clients.