Our spinouts


Water flow and pipe health analytics

Inflowmatix provides water flow and pipe health analytics to water utilities worldwide, enabling network operators to continuously monitor, diagnose and manage hydraulic instabilities, leading to reduced bursts, leakage and operating costs, while also enabling prioritised network maintenance.

Inflowmatix has already undergone significant market testing, with around 100 prototypes already in the field. Its technology is based on the work of Dr Ivan Stoianov at Imperial College London.

Control and reduction of water leaks is a major focus of the industry. A single leak on a water main may cost £0.5m to repair in addition to several millions in compensation. Water utilities spend $100bn p.a. on operations, of which 40% goes to the network, much of it inefficiently allocated due to lack of information on leaks, pipe health and so on.

As a whole, the ‘Smart Water Grid’ is valued at $9.8bn and forecast to grow to $22.2bn by 2020.