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Econic technologies

Econic Technologies is an innovative and fast-growing chemical technology company that develops and commercialises novel catalyst technologies to build carbon dioxide (CO2) into polyurethanes and other polymers.

The underlying catalyst technology was developed at Imperial College London by a team of scientists led by Professor Charlotte Williams. The current technology is covered by a number of worldwide patents and patent applications.

Econic’s technology is one of the few commercially viable ways to chemically utilise CO2, which although highly abundant and cheap, is very un-reactive and needs to be activated using a catalyst. Econic’s catalysts enable manufacturers to make a whole new generation of everyday plastics – for use in cars, mattresses, running shoes – that will be both profitable and ecological.

Econic partners with plastic manufacturers to help them make their products using CO2. Econic’s technology will allow replacement of up to 50% of traditional petrochemical feedstock with lower cost CO2, reducing feedstock cost by as much as 30-40%, to create added value through the chain. This means that manufacturers save money and natural resources by replacing key ingredients made from oil with a waste product they already have. At the same time, CO2 is being recycled into new plastics, instead of released back into the environment.