Venture Support Unit


Growing your Imperial spinout

Once your company is established, initial funds have been raised, and technology development or early trials are underway, your spinout will enter the growth phase.

Growth is very difficult to navigate. Even if your IP is locked down, you've hired a stellar team, you have money in the bank and plans on the table, without great care and diligence your spinout could fail at this point.

The Venture Support Unit can help you navigate this difficult stage of company development.

The growth phase:

Building your team

Typically a growth phase team will include a CEO, non-executive chariman, Head of R&D, Commercial Manager, Scientific Advisory Board, Investors and Independent non-executives.

The Venture Support Unit can help you find key staff by providing access to its networks and introductions to mentors and experts.

Finding space - office and laboratory

Growing businesses need space to support their development. The Venture Support Unit provides incubation services for the Imperial White City Incubator, which has laboratory and office space for growing technology businesses.

Beyond that, we can provide introductions to an extensive network of science parks and providers of incubation, acceleration and grow-on space in London and elsewhere.

Raising further investment rounds

Often an initial funding round will not be sufficient to achieve profitability. The Venture Support Unit can assist spinout founders in accessing further investment funding, as well as providing advice on valuation, dilution and other pressing issues.

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