Venture Support Unit


Developing novel technologies is expensive and it can take time for products and services to find customers

You will therefore need to find funding for your spinout company. The good news is that there are many sources for this funding, and the Venture Support Unit can help you access it.

Potential funding sources

  • Your customers: depending on the field, some spinouts can be very quick to market and grow organically from funds raised by selling their product or service
  • Grants and Translational Funds
  • Proof of Concept funding
  • Friends & Family
  • Angel investors: and 'Super Angels': wealthy individuals, often 'self-made' who are interested in technology and want to support new companies
  • Crowdfunding: services that simplify raising relatively large amounts of money from large numbers of investors/customers. Can be either donation/reward based or investment-based.
  • Venture Capital (VC): risk-taking investors who expect a significant return, often within a fixed time period
  • Patient Capital: similar to VC investors, but willing to allow technology businesses to develop over a longer time period. Imperial Innovations' parent company Touchstone Innovations is one of the UK's leading patient capital providers.

The Venture Support Unit has proven experience helping Imperial spinouts gain access to funding from a wide range of sources.

We have an extensive Early-stage investor network from which potential investment can be sourced, as well as a very close working relationship with the Ventures team at Touchstone Innovations.

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