Venture Support Unit


Exiting your business - through acquisition or trade sale

When you start a spinout company, your main focus is likely to be on developing and perfecting the technology and getting it to market. You may not consider the need to exit from the business in the future.

However, by thinking and planning ahead, you’re much more likely to be prepared when you do exit, whether that’s in 18 months or 10 years down the road. In addition, if you plan to take on outside investors, they will expect you to be able to clearly spell out your path to an eventual exit, the milestones you need to hit, over what timeframe, and your anticipated valuation at exit. They’ll also expect you to produce data points to back these up.

It's important to remember that investors aren't just giving you money - they expect a return, and exiting the business is one of the best ways to produce one.

The Venture Support Unit has proven experience in working with Imperial spinouts to achieve successful exits which generate returns to investors, founders and the University.

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