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The Spinout process at Imperial

Every Imperial spinout is unique, and every founder's journey will be different.

The Imperial Innovations Venture Support Unit has proven experience in creating, building and exiting businesses based on research undertaken at Imperial College London. We can help to support your entrepreneurial journey through each step of the spinout process.

Though every company journey is different, with specific and exact needs depending on technology and markets, we believe there is a process common to all university spinouts which, if followed, will provide a new company with the best chance for success.

The Venture Support Unit's services are provided free of choice to Imperial College academics starting companies based on IP developed at Imperial and who select the Jointly Driven Route under Founders Choice. Imperial staff who choose the Founder Driven route will have access to certain spinout services. More detail is provided on the Founders Choice pages.

  • Pre-spinout

    The company creation process begins long before a company is actually founded. You will work with the Venture Support Unit to consider the commercial viability of your prospective spinout, ensure the intellectual property is protected, identify and test the market and customers and develop a sales, marketing and PR strategy.
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  • Spinout

    After the essential early work has been completed, the Venture Support Unit will help you form your spinout as part of a tried and tested process that includes IP licensing and a tax-efficient and HMRC-approved company formation.
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  • Funding

    Funding is essential to all university spinouts. In some cases it is possible to generate funding from your customers; in most cases however, you will need to seek outside funding. The Venture Support Unit can provide assistance and help you get access to funding from a range of sources.
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  • Growth

    Growing a business is a complex and varied task. It involves customer acquisition, product development, sales, marketing, controlling cash flow - a huge range of things. The Venture Support Unit can provide assistance and advice to help your company grow in the early years.
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  • Exit

    When you start a company, the end-goal of exiting may seem distant. But it's important to consider it early on. The Venture Support Unit has proven experience in helping Imperial spinout founders exit their businesses, and our processes are designed so that, right from the start, the company is set up with an exit in mind.
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