Founders Choice Services

Spinout process

Navigating the spinout process

Below is a comparison between the services provided for navigating the spinout process under the Founder Driven and Jointly Driven routes of Founders Choice™

Imperial Innovations will:

Jointly Driven (Enhanced support)

Founder driven (Basic support)

Provide access to a range of template legal documents (vetted by external legal firms) for the company formation, licencing of IP and investment process – including tax efficient HMRC approved process for academic staff minicheck minicheck
Provide access to a range of template subsidiary documents such as consultancy agreements and non-disclosure agreements as needed minicheck minicheck
Provide plain English explanation of all aspects of the process and what to expect as the company grows and raises further funding. Imperial Innovations is available to discuss all aspects of the process in detail until you are comfortable minicheck
Grant access to a panel of external legal firms who offer a fixed-price package to cover the actual company set-up and licencing process minicheck minicheck
Offer £5,000 convertible loan to cover legal set-up costs minicheck
Form the shell company on founders’ behalf (if desired for Founder driven route) minicheck minicheck
Offer specialist help to open a bank account minicheck
Provide cover under Innovations’ Directors & Officers insurance policy at this early stage of the spin-out (subject to equity and funding hurdles) minicheck
Provide ‘Preferred Suppliers’ list of specialist service providers used by our portfolio of spin-outs (wide range of services from manufacturers to designers) minicheck minicheck