Setting the Scene

Before you begin your spinout journey at Imperial it's important that you've considered the commitment you must make.

This can be an intense and overwhelming process; but Imperial Innovations has helped hundreds of academic founders to get started and we can provide support to you. 

Imperial Innovations will:

Jointly Driven (Enhanced Support)

Founder Driven (Basic support)

Communicate potential challenges and rewards for scientific entrepreneurs embarking on an entrepreneurial journey minicheck minicheck
Provide a comprehensive guide to starting a spin-out company at Imperial College plus a mini-guide to Founders Choice™ minicheck minicheck
Ensure awareness of the various stakeholders within the Imperial entrepreneurial community and what will be expected in this process minicheck minicheck
Provide initial assessment of potential customers and the size of the market so that all parties reach a common understanding of the key unique selling points (USPs) of the company / value proposition minicheck