Founders Choice Services

Preparing for Funding

Armed with a business plan, you'll find you need some cash to fund your new spinout.

Below is a comparison between the services provided for sourcing funding and preparing for investment under the Founder Driven and Jointly Driven routes of Founders Choice™

Imperial Innovations will:

Jointly Driven (Enhanced support)

Founder driven (Basic support)

Support in finding potential sources of grants and assistance in writing bid. Imperial Innovations has built a relationship with an independent company that can provide specialist grant writing support in exchange for a fee minicheck
Help to prepare executive summary and public one-pager and Investor presentation deck minicheck
Assistance with preparing and practising the pitch to investors. Usually an iterative process may involve ‘friendly’ external feedback on the investment deck and pitch minicheck
Undertake initial company valuation exercise based on comparable market data, Discounted Cash Flow analysis of future revenues streams and Imperial Innovations experience and feedback from investor network minicheck minicheck
Prepare a share capitalisation table and model the impact on founders’ percentage ownership (dilution) of different investment scenarios
Provide an equity modelling tool to enable founders to see what the effect of different sized future funding rounds and non-dilute provisions may mean to a founder’s shareholding minicheck minicheck
Introduce founders’ company proposition to the Touchstone Innovations Venture Investment team (without any obligation on you or them to proceed), minicheck minicheck
Provide ‘warm’ introductions to appropriate early stage VCs and angel investors from Imperial Innovations’ extensive networks minicheck