Founders Choice Services

Building company value

With funding and the team in place, it's time to grow your business

Below is a comparison between the services provided for sourcing funding and preparing for investment under the Founder Driven and Jointly Driven routes of Founders Choice™

Imperial Innovations will:

Jointly Driven (Enhanced support)

Founder driven (Basic support)

Provide a board director offering continued support and access to the wider Innovations network as the company grows and faces commercial challenges. This may include guidance on running and documenting board meetings, regular review of the company strategy and advice on corporate governance minicheck
Offer Product/Service development. If needed Imperial Innovations will bring together the commercial experience needed to help founders answer issues and questions from prospective customer & users. minicheck
Help founders identify experts and advisors who can advise you on regulatory requirements and help founders to overcome regulatory hurdles. minicheck
Provide continuous support in all aspects of successive funding rounds minicheck
Co-ordinate Due Diligence. Larger funding rounds will require a data room – Imperial Innovations will help founders outline the documents needed and review those from the prospective Investor to highlight any concerns in advance minicheck
Provide support in preparing for an exit (acquisition or float) process including engaging the right advisors and lawyers and working with founders on all aspects of the process minicheck