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You can download a PDF comparison of services provided under the Jointly Driven or Founder Driven routes for Founders Choice using the button below. Alternatively, browse the links for a breakdown of the services we provide under each heading.

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Scene Setting

Including letting you know about potential challenges, helping you understand the rewards and informing you of all the stakeholders at Imperial you will need to 'bring along' with you

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Turning your idea into a business

Including assessing customers and markets, undertaking market research, identifying key target markets, helping you understand KPIs and formulating a market penetration plan

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Business planning

Building a financial model, helping you prepare your business plan and providing specific advice on developing an IP strategy

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Preparing for funding

Grant-funding support, pitching practice and investor pitch deck, company valuation, capitalisation table and introductions from Touchstone Innovations

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Building the spinout team

Including matching you to the right external mentors, providing external recruitment service and access to specialist firms and alternate sources of talent

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The spinout process

Access to template documents for company formation; full consultation and support on process; access to vetted legal panel; specialist admin support and we can form the shell company for you

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Building value in the spinout

Provision of a board director to offer continued support and access to our networks; product/service development expertise; support for funding rounds; identification of experts and advisers; due diligence support; exit planning

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Wider support

Introduction to the Imperial White City Incubator, help in finding alternative office and laboratory space, and access to range of training seminars provided under the Innovation Academy and external events

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