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Founders Choice

Founders Choice™ is a pilot programme operated by Imperial Innovations and Imperial College London for
18 months, beginning 1 August 2017.

The entrepreneurial ecosystem at Imperial has grown and evolved over the past two decades. Now there are many academic researchers with experience of forming and building businesses. Others will have a personal network with experience that can support the creation and management of a spinout. Those of you in this group will not require as much support from Imperial Innovations when setting up a new spin-out; you will be able to handle most (if not all) aspects of your spinout journey at Imperial yourself.

In cases where you take on most of the responsibility, it makes sense that you should also have a greater share of the founding equity than is currently possible under the standard College Rewards to Inventors policy. To this end Imperial is conducting an eighteen-month trial called Founders Choice™. This is a joint pilot programme with Imperial Innovations that is designed to facilitate Imperial College staff who consider that they are capable of finding the resources, finance and expertise necessary to make a spin-out company successful (with minimum of assistance from Imperial Innovations) by providing staff with the opportunity to pursue such a choice. The two options under Founders Choice™ are the Founder Driven route and the Jointly Driven route. The Founder Driven route receives the basic support package from Imperial Innovations and the Jointly Driven route receives an Enhanced level of Support.

Support documents and guidance

We have tried to supply sufficient information on these web-pages to allow you to undertstand and consider the Founders Choice pilot programme. However, you may also find these supporting documents and guidance pages useful.

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