Venture Support Unit

Imperial Innovations' Venture Support Unit is dedicated to supporting Imperial academic entrepreneurs throughout their business journey

Imperial Innovations' Venture Support Unit

Venture Support Unit (VSU) is Imperial Innovations’ dedicated company formation and support team. Working exclusively with Imperial Staff, VSU can accompany you on your journey to becoming an entrepreneur.

We ascribe particular importance to the steps that founders take before they form a company. This planning and research stage is integral to the success of high-technology spinouts. Our expert team will support Imperial entrepreneurs to conduct market research, identify and interview customers, and establish the company value proposition.

Our team can inform and advise you and your business throughout its growth, from pre-formation to growth and fundraising.

VSU is at the centre of a wide network connecting entrepreneurs, talent, established business, mentors, and business angels.

The Support & Services we offer

The Venture Support Unit offers a range of assistance to Imperial Entrepreneurs. We can help you start your journey towards building a world-leading business based on your research.

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