For Staff

Protect your IP and Commercialise your technology

Imperial Innovations supports Imperial staff to protect and commercialise their research

Whether your journey takes you towards forming a spinout or licensing a technology to industry, we will provide support and help you achieve your aims.

We believe that through cooperation and support we can facilitate a consistently high level of activity, generating substantial societal and economic impact.

Our team can help you to think about and address the commercial opportunities that your invention may hold. We can help you to understand potential applications and to access and consult potential customers. We can protect your ideas through intellectual property and help you licence them to industry. We can help you create a new company - or we can provide you the freedom to go and do it yourself.

The information accessible from the links below will provide some background on the approach we take to commercialisation. If you would like to hear more about what we do in person, then you can contact a member of our team to arrange an initial meeting.

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