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Wearable Vital Sign Monitor

8 May 2017

Previously known as Echo Labs, SpryHealth is introducing a wearable device, Loop, which is designed to improve health outcomes by continuously monitoring vital signs and detecting early stages of clinical deterioration.

The device is capable of non-invasively measuring blood pressure, heart rate, oxygen saturation, CO2 levels, and respirations. After reveiwing the patent applications, it seems that blood pressure may be derived from pulse wave transit time and velocities while heart rate and oxygen and CO2 monitoring relies on the technology behind traditional pulse oximetry. Respiratory rate is often times derived from these measurements, however, the key is in implementation and accuracy of the system in real-life – this is something that has plagued many wearable technologies in healthcare. SpryHealth will combine data from Loop with an analytics platform to deliver actionable insights to healthcare organisations designed to improve health outcomes and prevent costly hospitalisations.