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AI Diagnostic Solutions

3 Apr 2017

Royal Philips have partnered with PathAI, an artificial intelligence (AI) technology company, to develop diagnostic solutions for conditions such as cancer. They plan to apply AI to pathology data sets by developing deep learning applications in computational pathology for better diagnostic and treatment decisions.

Deep learning is an algorithmic technique that allows computers to analyse large amounts of data to detect patterns and make decisions. "With computational pathology and the application of artificial intelligence there is an opportunity to increase efficiencies, enable greater accuracy and precision, and allow pathologists to see things and access insights not previously available.", Russ Granzow, Philips Digital Pathology Solutions general manager. Philips and PathAI intend to firstly concentrate on applications for the detection and quantification of cancerous lesions in breast tissue. Philips has already used deep learning in its radiology clinical informatics solutions such as Illumeo and IntelliSpace Portal 9.0.