NHS Technology Transfer News

Virtual Nurse App For Urgent Care

24 Apr 2017

With over 100 million requests within the NHS for urgent care each year, NHS services struggle to cope with the demands of an ageing population with increasingly complex health care needs.

Led by Vocare, this project involves the use of digital technology to relieve pressures on NHS resources by providing more effective self-care, thus improving the use of primary and urgent care services including NHS 111. The aim is to reduce demand on NHS services, provide an alternative communication channel, access to 24/7 self-help information and facilitate navigation of NHS services. The mobile app will help patients gain control of their health and allow them to communicate with a virtual nurse using voice recognition. The app will initially be available to patients at two GP practices within the Dudley Clinical Commissioning Group. The number of patients who download and use the app will be measured, as well as the types of problems that are assessed, the outcomes the app recommends, and the extent to which the app’s advice is followed.