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Licensing Technology to Industry

We will work closely with you to determine what the best route to market for your technology is. Often, this will be to license your technology to an industrial partner. We license technology to small, growing companies, as well as large, established businesses.

Some factors that we will consider when working with you to decide the best approach to commercialisation for your technology include:

  • The IP position - if it is narrow, licensing may be better.
  • Is new IP likely? If not, licensing may be better.
  • Is the technology core to your research area or future research? If not, it may be better to license the technology
  • Does a potential industry partner exist with the skills, facilities and expertise to take your technology forward? If so, licensing could be the correct approach.

You can read more about exactly how we make the decision on our 'Spinout or Licence' page:

How we decide: spinout or licence?

The decision on whether to form a spinout or licence the technology to industry is taken jointly between Imperial Innovations and you, the inventor. Ultimately it will be a collaborative process.

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