Funding opportunities

Seed Awards in Science - The Wellcome Trust

  • Application deadline: 17:00 GMT 11/03/19
  • Funding available: Up to £100,000

Seed Awards help researchers develop novel ideas that will go on to form part of larger grant applications to Wellcome or elsewhere. Up to £100,000 is available for a duration of up to two years.

The research we support includes these broad areas:

  • Genetics and molecular science
  • Cellular and developmental science
  • Neuroscience and mental health
  • Infection and immuno-biology
  • Physiology
  • Population and health

These awards give researchers the opportunity to use innovative methodologies and carry out a broad range of activities, such as:

  • Pilot and scoping studies
  • Preliminary data gathering
  • Proof-of-principle studies
  • Planning sessions
  • Collaborative network meetings

This will be the final round of Seed Awards in Science offered by The Wellcome Trust.

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