Funding opportunities

Imperial Innovations Proof of Concept

  • Registration deadline: Open
  • Application deadline: Open
  • Funding available: Up to £50,000

Imperial Innovations currently manages a range of funding for the development of therapeutics, bioengineering, engineering and software projects. This early stage investment supports the transition of ideas into marketable products.

What can I use the funds for?

Innovations development funding can be used for a range of activities that will support the transition of an idea into a commercially viable project.

For example, the funding could be used to:

  • Pay for the development of prototypes
  • Engage consultants
  • Pay for external work to refine the idea
  • Pay for consumables necessary to develop the project
  • The funding is not designed to pay for researchers’ salaries, but should be used with the aim of developing data or improving product designs such that the output will inform a commercial decision.

When should I apply for the funding?

Typically, the funding will be used after you have received translational grant funding, or to develop an idea before seeking a larger translational grant.

What specific areas of research is the funding available for?

Imperial Innovations operates a discretionary fund which makes available up to £50,000 for projects in any research area. In addition, we manage a number of funds aimed at specific areas.