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We've helped over 70 staff and student start-ups get up and running in the past three years.

When to talk to us

It is never too early to disclose an idea to us. And please try to talk to us before you publish - we can secure stronger IP if you do.

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We treat your ideas confidentially and never discuss them with other parties without your consent.


We run 20+ seminars or training sessions on IP & Spinout creation each year - find out more below.

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Technology Commercialisation

We've created over 150 companies, signed more than 350 licences and helped many medicines and products get to market.

No small ideas

No idea is too small, or not valuable enough. We list over 100 smaller technologies on Quicktech, such as images, apps, algorithms, surveys, models, antibodies and reagents

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We understand the important of publication and we will never stop or delay it

Taking the commercial risks

We take the risks. We cover all up-front patent & IP costs and only recover them following commercial success. Last year we spent more than £1.5m on IP protection.

Rewards to Inventors

Inventors at Imperial College London receive 40% - 50% of all proceeds from commercialisation - one of the most generous rewards schemes in the UK and US

Imperial College Rewards to Inventors

Customer service

We take customer service seriously. We report monthly to Imperial College London on our response time and technology progress.

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Taking ideas forward

We progress 40% - 50% of idea we receive. If we say no, we'll be clear about your options to progress it independently.

Patenting as publication

Patenting is a form of publication and knowledge dissemination. All patents publish after 18 months.