Customer service

Customer Charter

Imperial Innovations is a customer-focused organisation, passionate about supporting Imperial College London’s founding principles of delivering world-class scholarship and innovation into application in industry, commerce, and healthcare.

To do this, we recognise the need to provide a flexible approach to commercialising technology, which considers the varied requirements of each researcher, the unique characteristics of their innovation, their goals and motivations, the patient or industry groups they seek to influence, and the markets they seek to address.

Our principles

  • We will respect academic rights over innovations and never prevent or unnecessarily delay publication or dissemination of knowledge
  • We will centre Imperial’s mission through our licensing activities by ensuring that licensed technology are developed and progressed
  • We will seek fair consideration for the commercialisation of IP
  • We strive to provide equitable access to medicines through the inclusion of licensing terms that seek to increase access in the developing world to therapies developed by Imperial scientists

Our customer service commitment

  • We will communicate promptly and effectively. We will respond to general enquiries within five working days, and acknowledge receipt of Invention Disclosures within seven working days.
  • We will strive to meet our stage-gate requirements for all technologies (more detail on stage-gate is available from the College website)
  • At all times we will recognise the need to communicate our decisions and actions to inventors

You can find a more detailed expansion upon some of these points in our Customer Commitment document