What will I get out of technology commercialisation?
Your role at Imperial probably involves undertaking novel research. This can lead to exciting new commercial opportunities - such as forming a new company, or licensing your technology to industry.

But, you might think - why should I spend my limited time getting involved with technology commercialisation? What's in it for me?

Why commercialise my technology?

  • Your work may have a real impact in society - helping the environment, improving patient outcomes or saving people money
  • Technology commercialisation is a straightforward way to transfer knowledge into practice
  • You could become an academic entrepreneur
  • Your commercial success will enhance your reputation as well as Imperial's
  • You may make useful contacts in industry
  • It may help you attract investment for your research group
  • You will broaden your experience - learning how to work with industry
  • A commercial success will generate money which will be shared with you under the terms of Imperial's Rewards to Inventors scheme
  • A portion of funds generated would be returned to your department to help fund further research
  • Many researchers gain real personal satisfaction from seeing the outcomes of their research being widely used in the 'real world'.

We believe there are clear benefits to engaging with us and seeking to commercialise the technology you are working through your research.

However, we won't pretend that technology commercialisation is easy. You should understand early on that it can involve a great deal of work and take a lot of your time. We are here to relieve that burden as much as possible.

If you'd like to talk to someone about technology commercialisation, then please send us a message.

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