NHS-invented "Deep Blue" solution to enter clinical use

7 Jun 2018

A new solution able to clearly mark mucosal polyps is set to enter clinical use. Deep Blue is an innovative Polyp Lifting solution co-developed by NHS clinicians and Diagmed Healthcare Ltd via its commercial partner, Imperial Innovations.

Polyps in the colon can be a sign of early bowel cancer, making their identification and removal key in preventing bowel cancer. Currently, these polyps are detected during colonoscopies, using dyes that stain and lift the polyps. This is done during colonoscopies. After being identified, large or flat polyps are lifted away from the underlying muscle layer by a submucosal lifting solution that contains a blue dye. This helps surgeons ensure they remove the entire polyp.

“The bowel wall is very thin. Polyp lifting solutions create a safety cushion so that we can cut onto the wall to remove polyps and early cancers without causing bowel perforation”, explains Prof Brian Saunders of St Marks Hospital London,London North West University Healthcare NHS Trust,  inventor of Deep Blue.

Compared with existing solutions, Deep Blue lifts the stained tissue further. Overall, the new solution is expected to lead to more accurate diagnoses, safer colonoscopies and polyp removals, and a reduced risk of incomplete operations.

Commercial development for Deep Blue was done by Diagmed as one of the principal and exclusive suppliers of two of the ingredients used. Following the product’s development, Diagmed will be the exclusive distributor of Deep Blue internationally.

Daniel Edmondson, Commercial Director at Diagmed Healthcare, said: “In conjunction with recent NHS guidelines on the open mixing of solutions Deep Blue will be a pre-mixed solution. Its unique and protected ingredients will give a sustained lift compared with faster absorbed solutions commonly used and it will help identify lesion margins to ensure sufficient mucosa is removed.

“Our aim is to commercialize the product on an international level due to continued increase and expansion of endoscopy as a tool in the continued fight against bowel cancer.”

Ayesha Akbar R&D Director at London North West University healthcare NHS Trust stated: “This is fantastic news for the Trust as it highlights the growing partnership between the Trust, its inventors, industry, and Imperial Innovations Ltd and how new ideas can come to fruition for the benefit of our patients”.

Manish Patel, Head of NHS Technology Transfer at Imperial Innovations, said: “Deep Blue is a prime example of clinical innovation combining with commercial development to create a viable solution to a healthcare challenge. We are proud to have worked with Prof Saunders at the London North West University healthcare NHS Trust and Diagmed to bring Deep Blue to market.”

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