Launch of Accunea

12 Dec 2018

Imperial Innovation announces the launch of Accunea, which is developing a new device—RenoSure—to quickly detect acute kidney injury (AKI) in hospital patients. The technology is based on work by Dr Robert Learney and Jez Marston in Imperial’s Department of Bioengineering.

Accunea logo

Acute kidney injury is the sudden damage to the kidneys, which, at its most serious, can result in complete kidney failure. AKI affects 20% of all hospitalised patients, and one in three cases is fatal. Unfortunately, current methods require a lot of time and are therefore only able to diagnose AKI in retrospect. Treating patients for AKI and currently costs the NHS approximately £1 billion.

RenoSure will enable clinicians to continuously monitor patients for early signs of AKI and take preventative measures. To achieve this, the device combines advanced bioanalytical hardware with artificial intelligence to analyse data in real time. The system tracks the level of creatinine, a key biomarker for kidney function, and provides timely alerts when these fluctuate to potentially dangerous levels. Clinicians will then be able to administer preventative care, avoiding the costs associated with AKI.

The team was a finalist in the 2017 edition of the Venture Catalyst Challenge, Imperial’s flagship business pre-accelerator, continuing to work on the product. Accunea has been formed through the Founders Choice pilot scheme.

Nick Housby, CEO of Accunea, said:

“RenoSure addresses a growing need for a point-of-care continuous monitoring device in renal health, with current technologies failing to provide enough information to identify and treat AKI in time. In addition to distress this can cause patients and their families, this can cost hospitals large amounts of money in remedial treatments. We are excited to continue developing our technology and furthering Accunea’s mission of helping clinicians to save kidneys, save lives, and save money.”

Shruti Sharma, Healthcare Licensing Executive at Imperial Innovations, said:

“Accunea’s offering matches breakthrough technology with a clear clinical and financial argument. We look forward to the company’s future development as it drives RenoSure towards clinic.”