The Art of Research 2018

30 Apr 2018

Congratulations to the two winners of the Art of Research 2018, Sarai Pacheco Pinol and Sophie Morse.

The Art of Research is a scientific image competition run by Imperial Innovations, where staff and students from Imperial College London are invited to submit images that represent or are made through their scientific research. Each year, a shortlist of images is selected by a judging panel comprising scientists, artists, and science communicators, with the top-scoring image winning the overall competition.

The Judges' Choice award went to Gametogenesis in C. elegans: giving rise to new offspring Sarai Pacheco Pinol, a snapshot of the process of meiosis on a nematode.

Art of Research 2018 (AoR) Winner

This year, a final exhibition with the top 11 images, as selected by the judges, was held at the Imperial Festival, Imperial College London's annual public engagement event. Festival attendees were invited to vote online for their favourite images. The image with the most votes, receiving the People's Choice award was Drugs Delivered to the Brain by Sophie Morse. The image was taken as part of a research project looking at potential new ways for medicines to be delivered to the brain.

Art of Research 2018 (AoR) People's Choice

The Finalists

Art of Research 2018 (AoR) Finalist

A Note from a Volcano by Matthew Genge

Art of Research 2018 (AoR) Finalist Octopus

Octopus by Murat Erkurt

Art of Research 2018 (AoR) Finalist The art beneath our feet

The Art Beneath Our Feet by Christine Bischoff

Art of Research 2018 (AoR) Finalist Emerging from below

Emerging from Below by Andrew Hammond

Art of Research 2018 (AoR) Finalist Illuminations from excited molecules of flame

Illuminations from Excited Molecules of Flame by Yushuai Liu

Art of Research 2018 (AoR) Finalist The Delicacy of our Environment

The Delicacy of Our Environment by Josh Bailey

Art of Research 2018 (AoR) Finalist Data is the New Coal?

Data is the New Coal? by Dan McGinn

Art of Research 2018 (AoR) Finalist Fractal Photocatalysts

Fractal Photocatalysts by Peter Sherrell

Art of Research 2018 (AoR) Finalist Celestial Body

Celestial Body by Neil Dufton

The judges

Brittonie Fletcher

Brittonie Fletcher is an artist, educator and currator. She exhibits internationally and teaches at a number of institutions across the UK (Royal College of Art, Stills Centre for Photography). She specialises in chemical photography and hybrid techniques with digital processing.

Peter Olson

Peter Olson is a research biologist in the Department of Life Sciences at the Natural History Museum who studies the patterns and genetic mechanisms of animal evolution, specialising on parasitic worms. Much of the work in his lab involves advanced imaging techniques that allow for the 3D reconstruction of gene expression in the body, and hence much of the primary data generated is photographic. He is the son of a professional artists and a founding member of the Arts & Science Interest Group at the NHM that provides an open forum for anything at the interface of these two disciplines. Images from his lab can currently be seen in the Images of Nature gallery at the NHM.

You can learn more about Peter's work at

Susan Aldworth

Susan Aldworth is a visual artist who lives and works in London. She works in both print and time based media. She has a background in philosophy, and a strong interest in investigating the workings of the human mind, especially consciousness and our sense of self. Her research into the narratives of sleep during her recent residency at the University of York culminated in two exhibitions in York - The Dark Self at York St Mary’s and The Art of Sleep at Lotte Inch Gallery in June 2017.  Her work is held in many public and private collections including the V&A, the British Museum, The Fitzwilliam Museum, The Wellcome Collection Library and Williams College Museum of Contemporary Art, USA.  Aldworth is an associate lecturer on the Art & Science MA at Central Saint Martin’s, London.  She is currently working on a commission for a Sleep Disorders Centre in London, and is artist in residence at Newcastle University 2018 -2020. Aldworth is represented by TAG Fine Art, and is a regular presenter on BBC Radio 3 and 4.

Aldworth has exhibited widely both nationally and internationally most recently The Dark Self at York ST Mary’s, Realisation at The Fitzwilliam Museum in Cambridge and Susan Aldworth: The Portrait Anatomised at The National Portrait Gallery in London. Other significant exhibitions include Mapping the imagination, V&A, London, Reassembling the Self, Hatton Gallery, Newcastle, Sleuthing the Mind, Pratt Manhattan Gallery, New York, Brains: the mind as matter, Wellcome Collection, London, Mind Maps: Stories from Psychology, Science Museum, London, Between, Inigo Rooms, Somerset House, London, Images of the Mind Deutsches Hygiene-Museum Dresden and Moravian Gallery, Brno, Landscapes of the Mind, Williams College Museum of Art, USA, and 6th International Kyoto Hanga Print Exhibition, Japan.

Peter Gallivan

Peter works at the Royal Institution, managing the wide range of family activities on offer from the world-famous Christmas Lectures, to hands-on science workshops for children. The Royal Institution is an independent science education charity based in Mayfair. Founded in 1799, over the years it has been home to ground breaking scientists like Michael Faraday, Humphry Davy and William and Lawrence Bragg. From its beginning it has been a pioneer in science communication and opening the world of science to the public, a tradition it continues to excel in today. In his spare time, Peter is a passionate amateur photographer and hiker, spending as much time out of the city as possible!