LoMaRe Technologies launched

22 Sep 2017


Imperial Innovations, the technology commercialisation partner for Imperial College London, announces the launch of LoMaRe Technologies, a spinout from Imperial College London that is focused on developing revolutionary technology concepts based on the latest advancements in thin-film technology, using advanced materials and exploring the boundaries of new material classes.

LoMaRe will initially target the development of novel non-volatile memory devices. The company’s first market is embedded memory chips, though its vision is to become the market leaders for piezomagnetic based technologies, with a technology platform that will span across all memory and digital storage applications.

The technology underpinning LoMaRe originated within the Departments of Materials and Physics at Imperial College London. A group of Post-Doctoral Research Assistants, Drs Jan Zemen, Andrei Mihai, Bin Zou and then PhD student Dr. Evgeniy Donchev created the technological innovation behind LoMaRe’s PMRAM over a period of years.

LoMaRe team shotThe LoMaRe team (from left to right): Jan Zemen, Bin Zou, Evgeniy Donchev, and Andrei Mihai.

LoMaRe will operate a technology development and licensing model and is seeking to partner with semiconductor chip manufacturers to start R&D and bring the technology to market.

Dr Evgeniy Donchev, Head of Business Development, LoMaRe Technologies, said:

“LoMaRe is targeting a range of industries that could be revolutionised through the application of our novel thin-film technology. Initially we are focused on the embedded memory chip market.

“LoMaRe’s PMRAM technology will offer faster read/write speeds than Intel and Micron’s 3D XPoint, be more durable than NAND FLASH, cheaper than DRAM, complemented by high storage densities, and will have extremely low power operation, which can reduce energy consumption per bit by at least 100x compared to FLASH and DRAM. Embedded memory chips based on PMRAM will benefit IoT developers from all sectors, unlocking potential for new innovation that will drive our technological future.’’

Dr Lamia Baker, Senior Technology Licensing Executive, Imperial Innovations, said:

“We have worked with the team developing LoMaRe for over a year now and are delighted to announce the launch of the company. LoMaRe Technologies is a great example of the depth of technological innovation at Imperial College London and we wish the company every success.”