Innovations launches two new schemes to encourage wider engagement in intellectual property and software development

12 Oct 2017

Imperial Innovations, the IP commercialisation partner for Imperial College London announces the launch of two new programmes: IP Evaluate and the Coders' Network. The two pilot schemes allow Imperial staff, students, and alumni to interact more closely with the technology transfer process at Imperial Innovations. Both schemes will be piloted for one year.

IP Evaluate

IP Evaluate aims to recruit students to assist in the initial evaluation of the IP position around inventions disclosed by Imperial researchers. Participants in Evaluate will be trained to perform IP prior art searches using online tools, videos and databases. The results of such searches will be provided to Imperial Innovations staff for further analysis and quality control, and will supplement the extensive searches already performed by staff at the Technology Transfer Office. Participants in the programme will be remunerated and will also gain valuable skills in patent searching that will be useful for both scientific and commercial careers.

The pilot will initially focus on inventions arising from Imperial’s Faculty of Engineering. Members of the public who wish to learn more about the patent searching programme will ultimately also able to participate in the scheme.

Coders' Network

The Imperial Coders’ Network is a scheme jointly run with Imperial Consultants where Imperial-based programmers (students and staff) are linked up with commercial and academic projects. The Network has been set up in response to frequent requests for programmers to assist with development work, both from within and outside the College.

By connecting demand with the talent pool already at Imperial, the scheme hopes to strengthen he collaborative aspect of Imperial’s entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Jeremy Holmes, Head of IP at Imperial Innovations, said:

“IP Evaluate and the Coders’ Network are—alongside Founders Choice™ and Innovation Academy—part of a wider set of initiatives that allow us to test novel approaches to tech transfer and better engage with Imperial’s growing innovation & entrepreneurship scene. Through these two schemes, participants will experience parts of the technology transfer process that often go unseen, while at the same time gaining and developing skills in intellectual property and software development.”

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