Imperial spinout Chrysalix nominated for Hot 50 2018 Advanced Bioeconomy rankings

30 Nov 2017

Imperial spinout Chrysalix Technologies has been nominated for the Biofuels Digest Hot 50, which celebrates the 50 hottest companies in the Advanced Bioeconomy in 2018.

Chrysalix is a company spun out of Imperial College London wich is developing processes for cost-effective production of bio-derived chemicals, fuels, and plastics from any type of woody material, including unwanted waste wood. The company’s technology, a proprietary process called Bio Flex, breaks down wood materials to give cellulose and lignin, which can subsequently be used to create bio-fuels, bio-materials, or renewable chemicals. 

Chrysalix was formed by a team from Imperial’s departments of Chemical Engineering and Chemistry, comprising Florence Gschwend, Jason Hallett, and Agnieszka Brandt-Talbot.

The Hot 50 is an annual list of the most exciting companies in the advanced bioeconomy. Nominees on the list range from disruptive start-ups to long-established household names such as BASF and Coca-Cola.

More information on the contest, and rules on voting, can be found at the link below

Hot 50 Voting