Imperial spinout SLAMcore raises seed funding to commercialise solution for improved tracking and mapping in robotics, AR and VR

10 May 2017

Imperial Innovations, the technology commercialisation partner for Imperial College London, is pleased to note that SLAMcore, the developer of tracking and mapping algorithms for robotics and augmented/virtual reality systems has secured seed funding from Amadeus Capital Partners, SPARX Group plus others. Imperial Innovations is an existing shareholder in the company.

SLAMcore is a spin-out from Imperial College London that specialises in addressing the longstanding problem faced when a moving robot or device with outward-looking sensors is put in an unknown space where it must localise, navigate and understand in order to achieve a task, otherwise known as ‘Simultaneous Localisation and Mapping’ (SLAM).

The SLAMcore founding team have been pioneering SLAM algorithms for over 20 years. They have built multi-sensor systems using standard cameras, depth cameras, inertial measurement units and, most recently, a next generation sensor known as the ‘Event Camera’. The seed investment will enable SLAMcore to grow its team and fully commercialise the application of these algorithms.

We are delighted to see the progress that SLAMcore is making. Imperial College London is a pioneer for SLAM solutions and this investment round underlines growing industry interest in the field. Having supported the process of forming SLAMcore it is gratifying to see its development continue.

Dr Govind Pindoria, Director, Venture Support Unit, Imperial Innovations

This recent investment will allow us to grow the team and make our cutting-edge algorithms available as a commercial solution. Our technology is the key to unlocking the true potential of many high growth markets including autonomous vehicles, mobile robotics and AR/VR.

Owen Nicholson, CEO, Slamcore

Achieving high performance SLAM on a wide range of smart devices is a challenge which requires a new level of algorithms designed to take the constraints of real products into account. Our SLAM solutions, and especially our focus on novel sensing and processing hardware, will deliver a new level of performance and efficiency.

Professor Andrew Davison, SLAMcore Director and Co-founder

Imperial Innovations supported the formation of SLAMcore through its Venture Support Unit, which facilitates the creation of new companies based on technology developed at Imperial College London. SLAMcore also benefits from an option agreement over future, relevant technology developed at the College.