Imperial spinout Precision Robotics launched to commercialise novel medical robot

6 Dec 2017

Imperial Innovations, the technology commercialisation partner for Imperial College London, announces the launch of a new Imperial spinout company, Precision Robotics Limited.

Precision Robotics is focused on developing medical robots initially to conduct colorectal oncology surgeries. The Precision Robotics platform will be expandable in future to conduct oral, gynaecological and certain other types of surgeries.

Modern robotic surgery methods are in high demand due to the improvements they offer over other surgical techniques. Precision Robotics is addressing this demand through its medical robot platform, which combines a range of patented technologies to deliver advantages to surgeons and patients. Their first product incorporates flexible and manoeuvrable robotic arms which provide accurate movements and a high level of control to surgeons. It also includes leading 3-D, AR-based imaging software to enable surgeons to visualise the regions of tissue that require excision, alongside a guidance system to simplify navigation. The robot is compact, easy to handle and can be moved between operating theatres and has a small footprint within the theatre. Precision Robotics plans to develop this platform through regulatory approval and clinical development in the coming years.

Precision Robotics is based on research undertaken by Professor Guang-Zhong Yang’s group at the Hamyln Centre for Robotic Surgery at Imperial College London. Funding for the work underpinning Precision Robotics was provided by the Wellcome Trust, Department of Health and the EPSRC.

The launch of Precision Robotics represents a unique partnership between groups in the UK and China. The company will be headquartered in the UK with offices in Hong Kong and in future a Joint Venture in China. The company has been funded by a syndicate of first tier Chinese and Hong-Kong-based investors, with sector expertise, commerical and industry resources and was supported throughout its formation by Imperial College London and Imperial Innovations.

Professor Guang-Zhong Yang, Founder of Precision Robotics, said:

“We are excited to have launched Precision Robotics to continue and develop the research undertaken at the Hamlyn Centre. Robotic surgical platforms offer many advantages to surgeons and improve the quality of patient outcomes in a range of indications. Precision Robotics is addressing an area with clear unmet clinical need, and our platform has the potential to contribute to the future of precision surgery.”

Tony Hickson, Managing Director, Imperial Innovations, said:

“We are proud to have supported Precision Robotics from intellectual property protection through to company launch. Precision Robotics is backed by a world-class scientific team and has the potential to make a real impact for patients.”