Imperial spinout LoMaRe wins 2017 China-UK Entrepreneurship Competition

19 Dec 2017

Imperial Innovations notes that its portfolio company, LoMaRe Technologies Limited, an Imperial College London spinout company which is developing piezomagnetic based technologies, has won the 2017 China-UK Entrepreneurship Competition, held in Tongnang, Chongqing, China.

The competition, which is aimed at encouraging business collaborations between China and the UK while connecting bright entrepreneurs with early-stage investors and venture capital businesses, was part of the 2017 Belt and Road Forum in Technology.


In order to reach the final, held in China, LoMaRe won two rounds in the UK before taking part in the final event on 30th November. Here they participated alongside four other teams from the UK and five from China. The teams were judged on their business models, the impact of their value proposition, backed by their business plans, and the delivery of their pitch. The judging panel ultimately awarded the first prize to LoMaRe technologies.

Co-Founder & Executive Director of LoMaRe Technologies, Dr. Evgeniy Donchev, commented:

“We are extremely happy to have won this global competition that featured very promising and inspiring start-ups both from the UK and China. We had to go through a very competitive process on our way to claim the first prizes both in the London round and the global round here in Chongqing.

“Our triumph is testament to the great team dynamics that exists at LoMaRe, where we all work hard to complement each others skills and are united to build a company that will one day have a strong global presence. A vision only achievable by having a great founding team where everyone is both a leader and a follower.”


LoMaRe Technologies can be contacted through

Evgeniy Donchev can be reached through his linkedin profile