Innovation Academy: Sales, Communications and Marketing

  • London - exact address will be revealed to confirmed attendees - 09:30am - 12:00pm
  • 19 Jun 2018

An effective approach to sales, marketing and communications can be the difference between success and failure for new technology start-ups. Innovation Academy: Sales, Communications & Marketing covers key concepts you should understand and implement when starting your company at Imperial College London.

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Why attend?

  • Learn about the importance and impact of sales and marketing at the early stage of building a business.
  • Building a sales and marketing process and culture and how to measure success.
  • Hear from teams who have successfully executed marketing and communications plans on start-up budgets
  • Explore and understand key sales strategies for start-ups and how they can work for your business
  • Learn the fundamental ideas behind communicating your start-up to the world and the strategies you can use to do it

Topics covered

  • Key concepts in marketing, sales and communications that will support start-up technology businesses to achieve their goals


Our presenters are a mix of experienced Imperial Innovations staff, entrepreneurs and strategic partners.

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Register for the event

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