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Vary Gap

Reference number: 7934

Low Weight Portable Wireless Power Transfer

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Vary Gap is a patent protected wireless power transfer technology which enables easy connectivity without the constraint of close proximity and precise positioning for mid-power portable devices, transport and applications where mechanical connection is difficult or unreliable.

Vary Gap transmit and receive units provide slim profile, light weight construction, low cost, position tolerance and high link efficiency over varying distance between them. Vary Gap Units cover a power range from 10W to 3kW, at over 95% link efficiency across a distance which ranges in proportion to the diameter of the in-built coils. In addition to variable distance, Vary Gap can cope with angular and transverse out-alignment which avoids close and precise positioning of the receiver and transmit units.


Vary Gap uses Inductive power charging and operates in the frequency range of 6.5 MHz to 13MHz which is in the ISM unregulated range. Thus, design and operation approval is simplified. Engineers at Imperial College have developed novel circuit designs which maintain optimum magnetic flux coupling regardless of load and gap variation. The circuits are inherently self-tuning for variation in load without the need for a separate communication link to make system adjustments which is the case with existing technologies. In addition, the technology removes the use of ferritic material in the transmit and receive coils, which is required in other existing inductive charging technologies. The transmit and receive coils rely on the availability of a copper surface to function, which can be created in a variety of ways at low cost and lightweight.

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