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Reference number: 6594

Developed by Prof Pier Luigi Dragotti's group in Imperial College London's Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering.


High resolution images can be taken with expensive, top-of-therange cameras. Our patented technology, SupeRes, provides super-high resolution images using multiple images taken with a lower-quality camera, achieving unprecedented resolution improvements of up to ten times per direction. Our solution is a platform technology that can also be used for super-resolution microscopy, videos, 3D rendering and time-of-flight cameras.



  • High resolution images using low-end cameras
  • Low computational complexity

Image resolution enhancement (using multiple images) used for:

  • Microscope image processing (super-resolution)
  • Consumer devices (such as mobile phones)
  • Long range images (e.g. defence, security, space, sport, wildlife, etc)
  • Satellite images of earth for military or civilian applications
  • Videos


SupeRes successfully combines several blurred, low-resolution images or video frames, to produce a single, detailed, highresolution image. Existing techniques are able to increase the image resolution by a factor of 2 or at most 4 per direction, yet SupeRes can achieve a 10x increase per direction. SupeRes involves two main steps: registration and restoration. The first step consists of aligning the different images/video sequence frames as precisely as possible up to sub-pixel level. The second step restores the best possible single image out of the aligned ones.

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Rebeca Santamaria-Fernandez

Director of Industry Partnerships and Commercialisation, Engineering


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