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Accurate frequency estimation in real time is a prerequisite for future smart grids, where the generation, loading, and topology will all be dynamically updated. It is also crucial in current infrastructures, where significant changes in frequency can destabilise power grids. SmartFrequency technology has two main functions, it provides: • Accurate and instantaneous frequency estimates for both balanced and unbalanced conditions in three-phase systems, leading to sustainable and efficient supply/demand management. • Provides fault identification within the power grid.



  • Simultaneous frequency estimation and fault identification (voltage sags, line faults, load/ generation imbalance, harmonics)
  • Real time, giving accurate estimates within 1/10 of a cycle
  • Admits a distributed mode of operation, combining information from several measurement nodes
  • Low rate of false alarms (distinguishes between deviations and faults)
  • Robust to harmonics, EMI, lightning and impulsive interference from switching devices.
  • Frequency measurement in 3-phase systems
  • Fault identification in three-phase systems
  • Transient effects identification
  • Implementation in smart meters
  • Implementation in phasor measurement units


Using ground-breaking signal processing research originally applied to adaptive filters, our technology implements a state-of-the-art framework to frequency estimation and fault identification in the electricity grid. By mapping out the three-phase system in complex form, a plot of the system’s voltage can be represented on real and imaginary axes

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James Nightingale

Industry Partnerships and Commercialisation Intern, Natural Sciences


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