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Novel clip applicator for minimally invasive surgery

Reference number: 6687

A novel surgical clip and applicator that allows large-area clamping of surgical anatomy for use in minimally invasive surgery, with the ability to rotate within the body.

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During laparoscopic surgery there is often a requirement to clamp folds of tissue together to occlude the flow of blood or other fluids through anatomical lumens. The tissues are held together by surgical clips loaded into the jaw of an applicator. The clip applicators contain a magazine of surgical clips that can be fired in succession. A conventional laparoscopic clip applicator system deploys a clip that has a standard profile with a nominal width of only 1mm. Although these surgical clips are ideal for ligating tubular structures, they are not designed to compress significant areas of tissue. In addition, when conventional clips are loaded into the jaw that is longitudinal to the shaft of the instrument, it imposes a limit on the width of the clip to fit within the cross sectional footprint of the clip applicator.


These challenges have been addressed by a novel innovative applicator that will enhance the functionality of the laparoscopic clip with greater performance in tissue compression. A team at Imperial College London, led by Dr. Mikael Sodergren, developed the novel surgical clip and clip applicator.

Benefits Applications
  • Enables use of novel functionality surgical clips in minimal invasive surgery
  • The design of the clip applicator facilitates rotation inside the body
  • The elongated design of the clip ensures low deformity during clamping
  • Reinforcement of staple line in minimally invasive surgery such as bariatric surgery, benign upper GI surgery, hepatobiliary surgery, colorectal surgery, thoracic surgery
  • Closure of enterotomy: Formation of anastomosis, Perforated duodenal ulcer, Natural orifice surgery
  • Control of vascular/biliary pedicles
  • Facilitate retraction of large organs


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Nour Allouache

Industry Partnerships and Commercialisation Officer, Medicine


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