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Efficient High-End Solar Cells

Reference number: 7801

This invention relates to a high efficiency multi-junction solar cell that incorporates light- trapping structures for enhancing the photocurrent of the device. The invention will improve the radiation hardness of photovoltaic (PV) space solar cells. A space solar cell incorporating the invention will maintain a higher efficiency over the course of a space mission compared to the present state-of-the-art. This will allow space missions and satellite deployments to have longer duration, enhanced capability, and will allow the use of smaller PV arrays, reducing the weight of the space vehicle. These will ultimately bring significant cost reductions, given the high cost of launching satellites into orbit ($50,000/kg). Improving the radiation hardness of space solar cells has been highlighted as a key target in the European Space Agency’s Technology roadmap for next generation space solar cells.


Marcio Siqueira

Industry Partnerships and Commercialisation Senior Executive, Natural Sciences


+44 (0)207 594 5505

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