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Bio-inspired flying drones for monitoring, maintenance and repair

On-board 3D printing, spider-like string dispensing and perching, multifunctional legs and origami bumpers.

Microwave amplification by stimulated emission of radiation ('MASER')

Very high Purcell factor resonator for continuous room temperature maser, for satellite telecommunications, radar and signal recovery.

Hybrid Powertrains

Imperial College London Engineers have developed innovative driveline technology in novel series and parallel arrangements, reducing complexity, weight and volume and providing approx. 40% cost savings in the powetrain.

Load independent Class EF inverter

Zero voltage switching with constant output current for any load value without tuning or component replacement in wireless power transfer

Intense and Efficient Yellow Light Source from Luminescent Concentrator

Portable laser for skin surgery & aesthetic treatments achieved using off-the-shelf LEDs as light source.

Smart morphing structures with full shape control

Patented technology developed by leading researchers in the Department of Aeronautics at Imperial College London. A smart core fabricated from many layers of piezoceramic material, forming a honeycomb structure. Actuation of the walls, which can be performed independently for each cell, will morph the core shape. This enables, for example, an aircraft wing to change shape to match optimal conditions during flight.

Neural Network Wireless IoT Device

Over 3x energy saved vs standard wireless IoT sensor implementations

Vary Gap

Low Weight Portable Wireless Power Transfer

Autonomous System Safety: Model-Checker Toolkit

Providing guarantees against risk of faults for autonomous systems

Coded Sequences for Pulse Compression in Pulse Echo Measurements

Boosting SNR sensitivity and usable range for transducers in sonar, weather radar, geophysical exploration or medical and industrial ultrasound applications.

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