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Efficient High-End Solar Cells

Multi-Junction Solar Cells

Efficient organic solar panels

High-performing non-fullerene acceptors and new molecules for ternary photovoltaic systems.

Smart morphing structures with full shape control

Patented technology developed by leading researchers in the Department of Aeronautics at Imperial College London. A smart core fabricated from many layers of piezoceramic material, forming a honeycomb structure. Actuation of the walls, which can be performed independently for each cell, will morph the core shape. This enables, for example, an aircraft wing to change shape to match optimal conditions during flight.


Software solution for factory equipment optimisation of electric consumption

Advanced Battery Degradation Tracking

Thermal Voltammetry for cost effective monitoring of battery SOH


Grid Frequency Estimation and Power Fault Detection

Novel Aqueous Conductive Ink for 3D Printing

Cost-effective, aqueous-based, ionically and electronically conductive ceramic inks for 3D printing

Novel control for froth flotation cells

Easy to implement control methodology for improved grade and recovery


Non-invasive, remote condition monitoring to increase machine uptime in Industrial IoT

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