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Centrifugal Compressor Inlet Duct Device for Improved Flow Range

Simulated 26% decrease in surge mass flow rate, improving turbocharger transient response by up to 18%.

An Asymmetric Double-Entry Turbine for Better Exhaust Gas Recirculation

Increased exhaust gas recirculation, average turbine efficiency and brake specific fuel consumption.

Hybrid Powertrains

Imperial College London Engineers have developed innovative driveline technology in novel series and parallel arrangements, reducing complexity, weight and volume and providing approx. 40% cost savings in the powetrain.

Smart morphing structures with full shape control

Patented technology developed by leading researchers in the Department of Aeronautics at Imperial College London. A smart core fabricated from many layers of piezoceramic material, forming a honeycomb structure. Actuation of the walls, which can be performed independently for each cell, will morph the core shape. This enables, for example, an aircraft wing to change shape to match optimal conditions during flight.


9% lower fuel costs for trucks from enhanced drag reduction

Autonomous System Safety: Model-Checker Toolkit

Providing guarantees against risk of faults for autonomous systems

Advanced Battery Degradation Tracking

Thermal Voltammetry for cost effective monitoring of battery SOH

Active Variable Geometry Suspension

A novel suspension system that offers the benefits of a fully active suspension system and the simplicity of a passive system.

High Performance Low-Pressure Turbine

A means of enabling better recovery and transformation of the thermal energy of low-pressure exhaust gas into electric energy.

Fast warm stamping of ultra-high strength steel sheets

Shorter cycle times with lower energy costs for high strength steel sheet metal forming

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