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Broad-spectrum anti-intimin peptides and rabbit polyclonal antiserum

Reference number: 4496

Professor Gad Frankel and colleagues at Imperial College London have developed antisera against four distinct subtypes of intimin:

  1. intimin α [EPEC clone 1 and H. alvei ]
  2. intimin β [EPEC clone 2, EHEC clone 2, C. rodentium and RDEC-1]
  3. intimin γ [EHEC O157:H7, EPEC O55:H7 and O55:H-]
  4. intimin δ [ EPEC O86:H34]

The peptide in the antiserum is targeted against Gly 388 -Lys 667 (280 residues upstream from the cell-binding domain of intimin), which is highly conserved across the intimin subtypes listed above. The peptide has been demonstrated to bind to all of these intimin subtypes and has been used to raise a broad-spectrum rabbit polyclonal antiserum.


Marcio Siqueira

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