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Active Variable Geometry Suspension

The Active Variable Geometry Suspension (AVGS) offers the benefits of a full, active suspension system and the simplicty of a passive system.

The AVGS combines the passive and active suspension technologies in a novel solution to achieve performances similar to ideal active suspensions while preserving many of the benefits offered by passive systems. Moreover, it can co-operate with the other active systems in the vehicle, such as ABS and active seat belt system and can use the same sensors and signals.

Compared to the major existing active suspension systems, AVGS provides a number of benefits, enhancing driving experience and improving safety:

  • Independent actuation on each wheel for a better control of the vehicle pitch and roll
  • Easier implementation in existing suspension design and as a retrofit
  • Use of conventional and proven technology of existing passive suspensions
  • Lower weight and components vs. active suspension systems
  • Lower actuation forces vs. active suspension systems
  • Lower power to operate vs. active suspension systems
  • Lower manufacturing and servicing cost vs. active suspension systems
  • Fail-safe operation: in case the active suspension components fail, the system continues to work as a conventional passive system
  • Green suspension: actuation mechanisms can be used reversibly to re-generate some of the exported actuator energy
  • Possibility of switching the AVGS off without loss in performance with respect to a conventional passive suspension system
  • Possibility of increasing a vehicle's height in specific situations such as parking or clearing a hurdle
  • No minimum power requirement: AVGS power is solely determined by the desired performance improvement, not by safety concerns


Brian Graves

Managing Director (acting)


020 7594 6598

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