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Nanotube-grafted carbon fibres

A modification on the chemical vapour deposition process capable of prducing nanotube-grafted carbon fibres without damaging the carbon fibre substrate.

HKMT Inhibitors

Small molecule inhibitors for treatment of solid tumours

Advanced Predictive Software

Software that enables more accurate and faster dynamic optimisation and optimal control of dynamic manufacturing processes.


Low cost energy harvesters for electronic devices

CXCR3 expressing cell line

CXCR3 (also known as G protein-coupled receptor 9 (GPR9) and CD183) is a chemokine receptor expressed in Th1 T lymphocytes and is of research interest in therapies against a number of immune-mediated and autoimmune diseases including multiple sclerosis and type 1 diabetes.

Active Variable Geometry Suspension

A novel suspension system that offers the benefits of a fully active suspension system and the simplicity of a passive system.

Improved cutting tool

Lengthening the life of cutting tools while increasing the production rate and the cutting speeds


Image Resolution Enhancement

High Ductility Aluminium Forming

A novel means of increasing the ductility of aluminium and magnesium alloys for the production of high strain, complex and non-complex parts and components at lower cost and higher production rate than other conventional forming processes

Air Pulsation Drag Reduction

Innovative system based on pulsed jet actuators able to reduce aerodynamic drag by up to 15%

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