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Load independent Class EF inverter

Zero voltage switching with constant output current for any load value without tuning or component replacement in wireless power transfer

Single layer polymer membrane

Poly(Vinylidene Fluoride) (PVDF) Membranes for non-solvent induced phase separation.

Coded Sequences for Pulse Compression in Pulse Echo Measurements

Boosting SNR sensitivity and usable range for transducers in sonar, weather radar, geophysical exploration or medical and industrial ultrasound applications.

Electrochemical Recycling of Lead

Deep eutectic solvents for Lead-battery recycling

Intense and Efficient Yellow Light Source from Luminescent Concentrator

Portable laser for skin surgery & aesthetic treatments achieved using off-the-shelf LEDs as light source.

Dual-structure ceramic hollow-fibre membranes

Resistance-free water permeation 60x faster than commercial ceramic membranes, with tunable, rigid pores.

Microwave amplification by stimulated emission of radiation ('MASER')

Very high Purcell factor resonator for continuous room temperature maser, for satellite telecommunications, radar and signal recovery.

On-demand disinfectant production

Electrochemical flow reactor that generates inorganic oxidants at rates controlled by the applied electric current.

Nutraceutical weight management supplement

Propionate for use in weight management

Oxyntomodulin (Dual GLP-1/Glucagon agonist) Peptide Analogue for Obesity & Diabetes

Peptide therapy for obesity and diabetes that has undergone phase I clinical trials.

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