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New Rotating Nozzle Ring Mechanism for Performance Improvement of the Turbocharger Turbine

Modelled aerodynamic testing indicates that turbocharger turbine average efficiency can be improved by 8 - 15 percentage points with the novel rotating nozzle ring.

Bio-inspired flying drones for monitoring, maintenance and repair

On-board 3D printing, spider-like string dispensing and perching, multifunctional legs and origami bumpers.

Efficient High-End Solar Cells

Multi-Junction Solar Cells

Efficient organic solar panels

High-performing non-fullerene acceptors and new molecules for ternary photovoltaic systems.


Software solution for factory equipment optimisation of electric consumption

DEP Trapping Using Metalized Nanopipettes

Novel method for DNA-Sequencing


Digital solution for cancer-grade quantification and cancer prognosis

The Benzodiazepine withdrawal symptom questionnaire (BWSQ)

A well-established, validated and widely-used self-assessment scoring system used in a number of clinical trials involving benzodiazepines.

Advanced Battery Degradation Tracking

Thermal Voltammetry for cost effective monitoring of battery SOH

Novel Robotic Hand

Novel robotic hand that achieves naturalistic movement of the human hand, without requiring translation in the hand joints, and further enables teleoperation of complex tasks.

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