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Novel protein fragment of von Willebrand’s factor for treating VWD and haemophilia A

Novel truncated fragments of von Willebrand factor (VWF) engineered by a team at Imperial College London.

Sensitive multiplex nanopore protein screening using aptamer-modified DNA carriers

A selective and sensitive approach to detect multiple proteins from complex biological samples.

3D Printing with polygrain lattices

Enables the production of lightweight but tough and damage tolerant structures

Novel press hardening process for Boron Steel

An improved press hardening process for Ultra High Strength Steel (UHSS or Boron Steel) reduces cooling cycle time by more than 50%.

Single-step curved extrusions

Curved extrusions with continuous, controlled radii direct from extruder die

Neural Network Wireless IoT Device

Over 3x energy saved vs standard wireless IoT sensor implementations

Vary Gap

Low Weight Portable Wireless Power Transfer

Smart contracts written in quasi-natural language

Smart contracts that lawyers can program


Next Generation Implantable Neural Interfaces


9% lower fuel costs for trucks from enhanced drag reduction

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