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Vibration Defence Structure Using Seismic Metamaterials

Reference number: 7237

Seismic wave shield 2


The invention provides a vibration shield structure which can be installed around an area or building to be protected. The vibration defence structure consists of a set of columns embedded in regolith and in contact with bedrock, wherein the columns are formed of a material with a material contrast with the regolith.

This shield has a stop band for seismic waves of  0Hz  to  30Hz which means that waves or vibration are reflected and partially absorbed by the shield.  The larger bandwidth of the stop band of the present invention is due to the contact between columns and bedrock and a material parameter mismatch between the regolith and the material in the column. Installing such a shield around a perimeter of an area will prevent seismic waves and ground vibration from entering the area, thus shielding the area and preventing damage by seismic waves and ground vibration.


  • Provides Protection to buildings/structures over a wider range of frequency
  • Does not involve any change to the building structure
Shielding of building against seismic waves and ground vibration

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